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Axon Audio Scene Download Listing

Here you will find the entire I Love Bees "Axon" plot - the full audio drama, downloadable scene by scene and ordered accordingly.

What is an "axon"? The axon is essentially a digital 'neuron' of the AI that lived on our internet in 2004. As each axon fired, as it were (in the form of communications, phone calls, to payphones around the North America and overseas), we overheard approximately 30 second audio surveillance clips from events taking place in 2552; though not in any particular order. These surveillance clips were collected by the community and sorted and compiled chronologically as best as could be done so as to piece together the full events that were being overheard. Each week, multiple individuals and events were surveilled via their personal communication devices, "chatters".

The same audio clips are available via, but only in their raw 30 second clips or by subject (character) and week. The clips as compiled on this page are ordered as they took place chronologically within each week, in a way that seems to flow the best in the story unfolding. (there are a few various opinions about the best ordering of the scenes below)

The drama itself can be enjoyed independently from the rest of the ILB campaign, but in full it spans about 5 1/2 hours play time.

To set the stage - the introduction scene for each character takes place simultaneously and immediately after a very significant wide-reaching electromagnetic event plays havoc with power and communications systems in 2552...

Full Audio Drama as M3U Playlist
Full MP3 Archive [ZIP] (127MB)

Full audio transcript

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Week 1
Scene I-1 - Jan, The Walk-Away Girl
Scene II-1 - Kamal, The Arrangement
Scene II-2 - Kamal, Post Date Pains
Scene II-3 - Kamal, Kamal's Blind Date
Scene II-4 - Kamal, Sophia's Ghost
Scene II-5 - Kamal, Sophia's Request
Scene II-6 - Kamal, The Answering Machine
Scene II-7 - Kamal, How To Ruin a Date
Scene III-1 - Herzog, The Cranky Old Man
Scene IV-1 - Jersey, Boy Meets Girl
Scene IV-2 - Jan, The Interrogation
Scene V-1 - Jan, Taking Care of Business
Scene V-2 - Jersey, Paris Burning
Week 2
Scene I-1 - Kamal, The Pony Tail
Scene I-2 - Kamal, Dinner Invitation
Scene I-3 - Kamal, Code Word
Scene I-4 - Kamal, Interview Dinner
Scene I-5 - Kamal, Peace Offering
Scene II-1 - Jan, Witness
Scene II-2 - Jan, Blackmail
Scene II-3 - Jan, Dead Right There
Scene II-4 - Jan, Jan's Specialty
Scene III-1 - Herzog, The Candidate
Scene III-2 - Jersey, SpyHard?
Week 3
Scene I-1 - Jan, The Love of an Aunt
Scene I-2 - Jan, Babysitter Challenge
Scene I-3 - Jan, Gimme Some Skin
Scene I-4 - Jan, Gimme Your Resume
Scene II-1 - Jersey, Audit Blues
Scene III-1 - Herzog, The Artifact Report
Scene IV-1 - Kamal, Nuke It Up
Scene IV-2 - Kamal, Surgical Procedures
Scene IV-3 - Kamal, Rough Memories
Scene IV-4 - Kamal, Goodnight Kiss
Week 4
Scene I-1 - Kamal, Whatever's Good
Scene I-2 - Kamal, Casino Security
Scene I-3 - Kamal, Buckled Slingbacks
Scene II-1 - Jan, Moving On Up
Scene II-2 - Jan, Just Letting You Know
Scene II-3 - Jan, A Card and Flowers
Scene III-1 - Jersey, The Audit
Scene IV-1 - Rani, Rani and the Boston Thug
Scene IV-2 - Rani, Girls Talk
Scene IV-3 - Rani, The Apartment
Scene IV-4 - Rani, Fabulous Print/Fab
Scene IV-5 - Rani, Friday Works
Scene IV-6 - Rani, Purple Kitten
Scene V-1 - Jersey, Team Dur...sey
Scene VI-1 - Herzog, Full Marks
Week 5
Scene I-1 - Kamal, Tony's Team
Scene I-2 - Kamal, Good Luck
Scene I-3 - Kamal, Dead Broke
Scene I-4 - Kamal, The Reward
Scene I-5 - Kamal, Cash Out
Scene II-1 - Rani, The Technicolor Wedding Dress
Scene II-2 - Rani, Pre-Wedding Jitters
Scene II-3 - Rani, No More Family Papers
Scene II-4 - Rani, Reach...
Scene II-5 - Rani, Romancing the Cemetery
Scene III-1 - Jan, Spartan Revelation
Scene III-2 - Jan, Like Mother Like Daughter
Scene III-3 - Jan, 1.0
Scene III-4 - Jan, Housekeeping
Scene IV-1 - Jersey, Family
Scene V-1 - Herzog, Old School Pinache
Week 6
Scene I-1 - Kamal, Trouble in the Bathroom
Scene I-2 - Kamal, Take Me Home
Scene II-1 - Jan, Lie For Me
Scene II-2 - Jan, Off the Grid
Scene II-3 - Jan, Ah the Memories
Scene III-1 - Jersey, Mom's Affair
Scene III-2 - Jersey, Mad Face
Scene III-3 - Jersey, Again
Scene IV-1 - Rani, Up On the Rooftop
Scene IV-2 - Rani, Deadbeat
Scene IV-3 - Rani, Emergency Medical Advice
Scene IV-4 - Rani, In Too Far
Scene V-1 - Herzog, The Black Op
Scene V-2 - Herzog, Skeletons
Week 7
Scene I-1 - Rani, One Means Wounded
Scene I-2 - Rani, New Friends
Scene I-3 - Rani, Take Comfort
Scene I-4 - Rani, Joe Blow
Scene II-1 - Kamal, The New Plan
Scene II-2 - Kamal, Doctor-Science
Scene II-3 - Kamal, A Bitter Taste
Scene II-4 - Kamal, Seen a Ghost
Scene III-1 - Jan, The Knife
Scene III-2 - Jan, Love Me
Scene IV-1 - Jersey, Spygame
Scene V-1 - Jan, Cleaning Up
Scene VI-1 - Herzog, Moley Moley Moley
Week 8
Scene I-1 - Kamal, Peeping Tom
Scene I-2 - Kamal, Ask Me How I Am
Scene I-3 - Kamal, There's No Place Like...
Scene I-4 - Kamal, Downpour
Scene II-1 - Jersey, Miss Manners
Scene III-1 - Jan, Almost Mother
Scene III-2 - Jan, James
Scene III-3 - Jan, Talk Away
Scene III-4 - Jan, Ms.Swanson
Scene IV-1 - Jersey, The Girl Had To Be Real
Scene V-1 - Rani, Home Sweet Bunker
Scene V-2 - Rani, Pension Plan
Scene V-3 - Rani, Why oh why
Scene V-4 - Rani, The Details
Scene V-5 - Rani, Like A Grenade
Scene VI-1 - Herzog, Speedy Results
Week 9
Scene I-1 - Kamal, Don't Be Late
Scene I-2 - Kamal, The Devil's Breath Mints
Scene I-3 - Kamal, Good Samaritan
Scene II-1 - Jan, The Plan
Scene II-2 - Jan, Tactics
Scene II-3 - Jan, Hog Jump!
Scene III-1 - Jersey, I Dream Of...
Scene IV-1 - Rani, Interception
Scene IV-2 - Rani, A Slice of Pie
Scene IV-3 - Rani, Leftovers
Scene IV-4 - Rani, Pep Talk
Scene V-1 - Herzog, All I've Got
Week 10
Scene I-1 - Kamal, Flirtsy McHelper
Scene I-2 - Kamal, Reunion
Scene I-3 - Kamal, Online Once More
Scene II-1 - Jan, Enlist Me!
Scene II-2 - Jan, Mission Impossible
Scene III-1 - Rani, Curious Girl
Scene III-2 - Rani, Stalker
Scene III-3 - Rani, Join the Party
Scene IV-1 - Jersey, Team Dur-Ka-Ra-Ja-sey!
Scene V-1 - Herzog, A Drink On The Planet
Live Transmission
Scene 1 - The Ride
Scene 2 - Monkey Business
Scene 3 - Pickup Sticks
Scene 4 - Vacsuit
Scene 5 - Observation Bay
Scene 6 - Claustrophobic?
Scene 7 - Mission Calculus
Scene 8 - Top Hats
Scene 9 - The Stall
Scene 10 - Going Down
Scene 11 - Elbow to the Jaw
Scene 12 - Ruptured
Scene 13 - Hold Still
Scene 14 - This Medium
Scene 15 - Very Young
Scene 16 - Terrorists
Scene 17 - Classified
Scene 18 - Only Way Out
Scene 19 - Scorpion
Scene 20 - Vital Signs
Week 11
Scene I-1 - Rani, Jailbird
Scene I-2 - Rani, Back Off
Scene II-1 - Jersey, Be All You Can Be
Scene II-2 - Jersey, The Truth
Scene III-1 - Jan, What You Can Bare
Scene III-2 - Jan, Broomsticks
Scene IV-1 - Kamal, Ms.Durga, DA
Scene IV-2 - Kamal, Learning to Cook
Scene V-1 - Rani, A Hunch
Scene VI-1 - Jan, Head Spinny Look
Scene VII-1 - Jersey, Taking Care of Family
Week 12
Scene - Melissa, Goodbye