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Credits and Disclaimer

Here it is, in a nutshell...

ilovebees is an enormously well executed and developed Alternate Reality Game set in the world of 343 Industries' Halo video game universe.

With so much depth, so much character development, genius dialogue, knowledge in so many trades and specialties, so many moralistic factors, so much wit and intelligence in putting together puzzles, and so much more - how could one not be hooked? And not only hooked in one way, but having so many aspects of the game and story to follow, everyone would be sure to get hooked in one way or another. Catering to the likes of:
Axon Hunters (travellers and payphone point people)
Coordinators (who organize the hunters)
Solvers (who sit in front of a keyboard all day awaiting challenging mind puzzles)
Speculators (who take whatever information they can get and try to foretell plot elements, or future courses of action)
Transcribers (who record any and all data given within with game - text, audio, files, etc)
Packrats (who have webspace and bandwidth to support storing any and all game data for easy reference and lookup, like wikis and other resources)
PR people (those who have in some way been contacted or interviewed by public media like newspapers and tv shows)
Scapegoats (those who put themselves in a position to be the 'bad cop', willingly getting hated on for performing actions deemed evil by the community)
Programmers (people who spend time writing up scripts and applets to make repetitive tasks that much easier for everyone)
Liaisons (those who directly, and regularly interact with the in-game characters, to the point of building an acquaintance, even a friendship, with them)
and even down to the quaintly named Beekeepers - everyone remaining who feels that they are a part of the game, whether it be checking up once a week on the game status, or personally unlocking a major plot element - anyone who feels a personal desire to keep informed, and to consider themselves a Beekeeper.

(exhaustive list of resources and websites involved with ilovebees to come...)

On that note, here's the disclaimer for Creeeepy...

- This compilation is an inspired piece, utilizing text from the ilovebees ARG, which was explicitly setup, run and maintained by Bungie Studios, and 4orty2wo Entertainment, as a promotional tool for the Halo 2 video game.

- Any text found within this compilation that is not original work, and with full credit given the to game's creators, is found and grouped within white blocks of text (not white text).

- Any text not within these blocks is original, written by theBruce, but utilizing references to possibly trademarked names within the ilovebees ARG. All trademarks are retained by their respective owner(s).

- The plot itself is not an original work by theBruce; the plot is an original work by Bungie Studios and/or 4orty2wo Entertainment, based within the copyright and trademark Halo universe.

- The only original, non-trademark material found in this compilation, is directly inspired by the ilovebees game events, and is intended solely to fill in the spaces in order to have the game read from beginning to end in the form of a novel.

- All credit for an amazing story must be given to the original writers and "Puppetmasters" of the ilovebees ARG - 4orty2wo Entertainment.

I believe that covers it!

ilovebees is an ARG that took place between July 16th and November 9th of 2004 (tentative) as a promotional compaign for Bungie's Halo 2, released on November 9th, set up by the creators of another massive ARG called "The Beast", promoting and leading to the release of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) the movie. Very well executed!

Mad props!
For a quality experience, the game had to be real...

- thebruce

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